Are you interested in having rental property purchased for you, with an option to buy?

These contracts are also know as rent to own contracts or land contracts. There are multiple steps to this process. First, this form must be filled out completely, click submit and allow 1-2 business days to receive a response. Once this form is reviewed, and approved, and you are contacted, you will be sent to the application page, in which you will need to fill out the application form in its entirety. Once the application is submitted and payment is confirmed (application fee is $35), the application must be ran through a credit and background service to insure approval. Once approved, you will be contacted, and we will begin searching for homes in your area(s) of choice. Once a home is found and purchased, and renovated as needed (if necessary), a purchase price will be established. A non-refundable down payment equal to a minimum of 7.5 percent of the established purchase price will be due. This down payment will go towards the purchase price once the contract expires and you exercise your option to purchase the home. There will be a minimum of two years in which the rental portion of the contract exists. During the time of renting, 10 percent of the monthly rent amount will also go towards your principal balance every month (example:if the rent amount is $900/mo, $90 every month will be paid toward your balance of the established purchase price).

Thank you!

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